Open 8:30AM to Midnight    10 & Under Free!


  • Drivers must be registered by 12PM.
  • Driver meetings at 12:30PM
  • Races begin at 1PM.
  • No glass containers and no muddin' on the Pipeline!

Concessions open at 10AM (BBQ Sandwiches, Links, Hot Dogs, Nachos, Chips & Drinks)
The Mud Farm will only be open for scheduled events. Check back on our website for weekly updates.

Results for race on August 16 2014

Mud Races

Classes 1st 2nd 3rd
Stock Trail A Josh Lyle 5.261 Hannah Owens 6.135 Jason Wakeham 7.102
Stock Trail B Hannah Owens 5.597 Taylor Byrum 5.650 Beau Blacksher 6.470
Modified A Lee Midkiff 3.707 Steve Peel 4.057 Robert Smith 4.141
Modified B Matt Chesser 5.567 Dustin Myers 5.746 Shelly Owens 6.825

Sand Drags

Classes 1st 2nd 3rd
All Races
Stock Trail A
Stock Trail B Taylor Byrum 4.310 Josh Lyle 4.431 Jason Wakeham 4.794
Modified A Lee Midkiff 3.377 Robert Smith 3.676 Steve Peel 3.792
Modified B

All For One

Classes 1st 2nd 3rd
Tractor Truck Chris Byrd 23.598 Josh Peevy 27.594
Horse Shoe Lucas Stockwell 25.418 Josh Peevy 26.340 Dustin Myers 27.817

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